AF40 (Dynachem)

For Imaging Materials Applications


The Accumulator AF 40 is a compact module able to automatically receive and store innerlayer or rigid panels. The machine can be placed at the beginning of the line (as a "loader"), at the end of a line (as an "unloader") or in the middle (as a holding/time module). The Accumulator is particularly useful whenever a holding time is required or whenever the panels need to be kept separated.




  • Storage capacity of 40 PCBs
  • Suitable for innerlayer or rigid panels-full range from 0,05�3,20 mm (0.002�0.125 in.) thickness
  • Panels sizes up to 762x610 mm (30x24 in.)
  • Thickness or panel dimension adjustments are not required
  • It can operate with single or programmable steps
  • Multi-programmable cycle as standard buffer, synchronized unloader buffer, unloader timed, non-stop unloader cycle
  • Completely controlled by PLC-operator interface in various languages
  • Preset for automatic in-line operations-speed synchronization with other units
  • Control box can be mounted to either side of unit
  • Easy of access to PCBs
  • Cooling after lamination
  • Direct drive motor for PCBs drum
  • Output conveyor with safety stop system


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