Robocut 2 - Flashcutting of Multilayer


  • Variable vacuum suction table with different suction zone
  • CCD camera for reading QR- or drill code on the multilayer
  • Conditioning cycle time under 30 sec / PCB = about 2640 PCBs / 22h
  • PCB-alignment via high definition CCD camera system
  • PCB-laser thickness measurement to a measurement resolution of 0.2 microns
    Multijob handling



  • Automatic flash cutting machine for processing pinor mass lam multilayers.
  • Modular constructed system adaptable for available floor space and production capacity ratios.
  • PCB-alignment via high resolution CCD camera system.
  • Handling of the multilayer via 1 or 2 industrial robot systems, depending on the desired production capacity.
  • Vacuum suction table with variable suction zones for processing different multilayer sizes.
  • Reading in the production programs via QR code or drill code possible.
  • Different goods carrier systems can be adapted to the system.
  • Very low maintenance effort and therefore low maintenance costs based on our design which is focusingon easy maintenance and the use of service
  • reduced industry components.
  • Simple waste disposal through a big mobile and tiltable waste container. The container can also be transported with a forklift.
  • Integration of a dry cleaning unit is possible.
  • The machine controller and its software allow a multijob handling.
  • Production data acquisition and evaluation.
  • Resin holes deburring station.


  • Processing of pin- or- mass lam multilayers
  • Loading and unloading (horizontal or vertical) of and in different product carriers (angle magazine, trays, slot pallets, etc.)
  • Flexible automation concept adaptable to the available space and production capacities
  • Deburring station for resin holes
  • Slip-sheet handling
  • Storage place for unexposed panels for a continuous automatic process
  • PCB-twist protection monitoring
  • Recording and evaluation of production data


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