The new SMARTLAM 5200 Automatic Cut Sheet Laminator is a high–technology machine, specially designed to laminate a full range of PCB. This unit is capable of handling very thin layers (lower than 50 micro) and large heavy panels up to 12.7 mm (0.5 in.) thickness. The shear type cutting system allow to eliminate resist chips. In addition, the unit is pre-set to install a DYNACHEM wet lamination module as well.

The machine is built in stainless steel to comply with the most stringent requirements of clean environment. The machine can be used also as Pre-Tack Laminator for in-line vacuum process linked to the DYNACHEM Conveyorized Vacuum Applicator. For in-line vacuum lamination the laminator need to be equipped with water closed loop refrigerator to control the dry film temperature during pre-lamination, HEPA filter, and “patent” clamps system on the exit conveyor for panel extraction.

The unit is provided with a data management system to supervise and statistically control the process parameters via proprietary software and it is pre-set for barcode reader.



  • Stainless steel construction-suitable for clean room operation
  • High lamination pressure - adjustable up to 450 Kg - Lamination pressure controlled automatically by proportional valve
  • Lamination rolls available in two size length 30” or 24” up request
  • Vacuum by venturi system
  • Friendly operation - OMRON PLC - operator interface in various languages by industrial touch PC/Display
  • Equipped with brushless servo-motor
  • Exit Pneumatic Moveable device as option
  • Statistic Process Control (SPC) - Easy data system proprietary software provided*
  • Driven rolls conveyor system by magnetic trasmission
  • Lamination roll heating is by internal heater
  • Dry film roll off-set adjustment device as option
  • Internet connection line for remote control
  • Lamination roll temperature controlled by IR sensor
  • Dry film rolls tension control device
  • Expansion rolls system for dry film, polyester and lateral cutting, as option
  • Pre set for Wet Lamination module
  • Thin layer support for very thin panel (lower than 50 μm) as option
  • Teknek Cleaning module installed into input conveyor, as option
  • Barcode reader as option

* Local and remote supervision, management and monitoring data by PC, auto–tuning for panel exit temperature, management of maintenance operations; automatic set-up of working parameters.


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