26. October 2020

GS Swiss invests in new lamination technology

ASS Luippold Automation Systems und Service e.K.

GS Swiss invests in new laminating line technology. We, ASS Luippold e.K., are proud to announce together with our Italian partner ALT Dynachem that the pre- substrate manufacturer GS (Switzerland) has bought and installed the latest developed automatic vacuum press lamination system. AVPL Series 2. AVLP S2 is the modular machine of the new generation, which offers the customer the possibility to expand the system from a vacuum stage to a lamination with two flat press stages. We are delighted to have been selected by GS. We are convinced that the Dynachem lamination with two vacuum press stages can meet the high technology required in the current electronics industry, especially in the demanding sector of substrate production. This latest AVLP line offers the flexibility of either hot roll dry film lamination with substrate types up to 1 mil core, a vacuum dry film / build solder mask lamination with R / Flex plate, technology to manage complete top layer lamination and curing, and vacuum and pressure ABF lamination for sequential lamination. In addition, the new HMI software fulfills the requirements of Industry 4.0 (data protocol is available for every production batch) and supports the SECS / GEM protocol most commonly used in the semiconductor industry. Get in touch.

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