Automatic Cutsheet – Laminator – 1600-G

The economical solution of an automatic cut-sheet dry film laminator
Automatic Cutsheet – Laminator – 1600-G


  • Thickness or PCB dimension adjustments are not required
  • Suitable for materials in the range of 0.05mm – 5.0mm thickness
  • Dry film photoresist width up to 762 mm – PCB sizes up to 787 mm width
  • High lamination pressure – thanks to booster cylinders up to max. 320kg/cm2
  • No interruption when laminating during cutting the foil (no flible formation)
  • User-friendly operation – Allen Bradley PLC user interface in different languages
  • Panel temperature measurement at the outlet
  • Temperature monitoring of the staple rods, controlled by temperature controllers
  • Gentle contact centering
  • Preset for automatic inline operation – simple handshake with upstream and downstream systems
  • Optional: Preset for very thin materials by 5 or 6 fingers (0.05 mm)
  • Prepared for connection of remote maintenance
  • Statistic Process Control (SPC)


The Automatic Cut Sheet Laminator 1600-G is a highly productive machine specially designed for laminating a complete PCB range. This device is able to process thin and large plates up to a thickness of 5 mm. It is designed to guarantee high-quality lamination and absolute reliability of the machine over a long period of time.

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