Modular Vaccuum Press MVP 24-S2

Kategorie: Vakuum Laminatoren
Vacuum lamination of different materials with integrated hydraulic press to flatten the surfaces parallel. Especially SBU processes.
Modular Vaccuum Press MVP 24-S2


  • Suitable for material thicknesses of 0.1 x 6 mm
  • Use of an additional hydraulic heating press for flatten the surface special applications and special materials (e.g. ABF)
  • 1 or 2 panels side by side can be processed per cycle
  • High lamination pressure, adjustable up to 6 kg/cm2
  • Dynamic and static pressure changes freely programmable
  • State-of-the-art vacuum technology
  • Max laminating temperature 180°C (356°F) Plate temperatures can be individually controlled
  • Fully controlled by OMRON PLC operator interface in the local language
  • Temperature detection of the output panel
  • The system can be equipped with either silicone rubber conveyor or with an upper and lower roll-to-roll PET film transport
  • Upper lid of the vacuum chamber opened by servo motor cylinders
  • Clamping system on the output conveyor for plate extraction
  • Over 100 recipes can be managed
  • Equipped with brushless servo motor
  • Statistic Process Control (SPC)
  • Connection provided for remote maintenance option


The vacuum lamination process ensures a complete elimination of air between the materials to be laminated and a perfect lamination of the structures. The machine has been developed for single- and double-sided lamination of flexible and rigid materials with the finest structures between dry film photoresist, dry film soldering cup mask and conforMASK, dielectric film, copper foil for SBU technology and thick film application. The use of an additional hydraulic heating press enables the surface to be planed when laminating special applications and materials (e.g. ABF). The machine ensures a perfect and air bubble-free adhesion of the film. The system uses heat, vacuum and pressure and is suitable for inline or stand-alone operation. The machine has a data management system for monitoring and controlling the process parameters.

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