Semi-automatic Laminator SA3124

The compact and flexible semi-automatic dry film laminating solution


  • Suitable for materials of 0.025 x 6.4 mm thickness
  • User interface in different languages by touchscreen display
  • Antistatic system
  • Optional: motorized lateral edge-cutting device
  • “Soft Contact” manual/electronic centering system
  • electromagnetic coupling minimizes film drop between printed circuit boards during cold use
    The device is equipped with motor-powered input rollers and is suitable for inline operation
  • Powerful exhaust air extraction
  • Accept 300 meters (1,000 ft.) Dry film rolls
  • Equipped with 3 or 6 in. Adapters
  • Plate sizes up to 610 mm wide
  • Fully controlled by PLC
  • Dry film straightener
  • Optional:Manual setting over scale for off contact setting
  • Optional: Wet lamination module


The semi-automatic laminator SA 3124 OC was developed and built for dry film photoresist, hot-pressure lamination of printed circuit boards and molded parts. This device is able to process very thin plates up to 6.4 mm. The machine can also be used for cold lamination of DFSM on printed circuit boards before the final process in the Dynachem vacuum laminators. In addition, two buttons with a graduated scale on the top of the device can set the “off-contact” of the laminating rollers

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