Material Logistic System MLS

The ulimate inline connection of the Innerlayer Storage with the PCB production.
Material Logistic System MLS


  • Up to 1,000 transport boxes Storage capacity according to the chaotic storage principle
  • Manual material input via precise scale solution for material management and ongoing inventory
  • Fully automatic material input incl. material incoming control*
  • Automatic and manual output positions with inline connection to PCB production
  • Output capacity up to 5 panels/min
  • Integrated material master data management possible*
  • Panel thickness measurement*
  • Cu thickness measurement*
  • Residual paper detection inbetween the base material*
  • DMC reading systems for material code recognition
  • Lasers, inkjet and dot matrix systems for order marking and order tracking through manufacturing*
  • OPC-UA interface to customer-side MES or ERP system*



The material is either manually entered into the horizontal storage boxes via a scale or fully automatically via a 6-axis robot system. After being loaded the boxes are stored fully automatically in the material warehouse via an RFID – box-ID system. Up to 1,000 storage spaces are monitored by an intelligent warehouse management system with material quantity and material code. After entering the orders with material code and quantity at the output stations, the corresponding boxes are made available to the output stations.

There, they are fed manually or automatically via a corresponding vacuum gripper system to the follow-up processes inline, via manual trolleys or AGV solutions. Residual paper monitoring, panel thickness and copper thickness measurements are just as much a part of our product range as laser- or inkjet- DMC writing systems as the basis for a 100% product tracking strategy.

Technical specifications:

  • Panel dimensions: Min. 300x400mm – Max. 622x622mm – other formats on request
  • Panel thickness: 0,05 – 4,5 mm
  • number of storage places: according to customer request and space availability

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