Roll to Roll Laminator RTR 3124

Fully integrated roll-to-roll dry film laminating solution


  • Single or double-sided lamination
  • Antistatic beam system
  • Lateral motorized edge-cutting device
  • Fine alignment device
  • Equipped with 3- or 6-inch plastic adapters for DFR rolls
    3-inch expansion shaft with 6-inch adapters
  • Web width up to 610 mm (24 inches) 110 kg material weight
  • Voltage regulation
  • Splicing table with pneumatic holding
  • Diameter compensation device
  • Ultrasonic web edge control for material positioning
  • Clean, oilless compressed air system
  • Stand-alone cycle lamination
  • Powerful exhaust air extraction
  • Optional: Teknek Cleaning Head Model P600
  • Optional: Wet lamination module


The laminator roll-to-roll RTR 3124 has been developed for uncomplicated roll-to-roll dry film coating – single or double-sided. The roll is settled, stretched, aligned and laminated. The film pre-alignment is done manually at first. During lamination, a more precise centering is performed by a fine alignment. The onward transport of the web takes place via the servo motor installed in the rewind system and the speed is controlled via the encoder. The path orientation is controlled by the Ultra Sonic Sensor in the Y-direction. The web voltage is adjustable and electronically controlled. After lamination, the splicing table with pneumatic actuated holders allows the connection of the new web.

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