Vaccum applicator VA 7124-HP3

Kategorie: Vakuum Laminatoren
Economical solution of a vacuum laminator with manual loading and unloading and a pressure of up to 3kg/cm2
Vaccum applicator VA 7124-HP3


  • Stainless steel construction-suitable for cleanroom operation
  • Suitable for materials 0.05 x 12.7 mm thickness
  • Dynamic and static pressure and vacuum profiles freely adjustable
  • Lamination pressure adjustable up to 3 Kg/cm2
  • Significantly reduces material consumption
  • Vacuum chamber prepared for max. panel size 610x610mm
  • Equipped with dry vacuum pump and
  • state-of-the-art vacuum technology
  • OMRON PLC – User interface in different languages via touchscreen display 8″ or Industrial Touch PC/Display 12″
  • Maximum lamination temperature 150°C of platen temperature is individually controlled
  • High-temperature film release roll*
  • Upper vacuum cover via geared motor convenient to open for User-friendly access to the vacuum chamber in case of cleaning or maintenance work


The Vacuum Laminator -HP3 is designed and built to avoid air inclusions on the surfaces and achieve the perfect air-free encapsulation of the structures of a printed circuit board, IC substrate, semiconductors, solar cells. The machine can be operated on one or two sides to achieve high lamination quality and excellent embedding of fine structures with dry film photoresist, dry film soldering mask, ConforMASK dielectric film, copper foil for SBU technology, top layer and many other film layup applications. The machine ensures perfect adhesion of the film and eliminates air bubbles. The combination of heat, vacuum and high lamination pressure is determined in the overall cycle. The machine has a data management system for controlling and recording the process parameters according to the latest software and hardware technology.

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