Single Cassette loader / Unloader with 6-Axis Roboter- Roboload

Single Cassette loader / Unloader with 6-Axis Roboter- Roboload


  • Alarm and event logging
  • Signal exchange to upstream and downstream process machines
  • Capacity: approx. 6 boards/min. altn. approx. 3-4 bords/min. with slip sheet
  • With slip sheet handling*
  • Automatic gripper adjustment for different PCB formats*
  • Double panel control via laser or eddy current*
  • DMC reader and order tracking (if required also with order data labeling (inkjet, laser or needle printer)*
  • Interface to customers MES or databases*



The loader and unloader can be combined with L-rack or horizontal boxes.

The vacuum cups with individual ejectors and spring bumpers can be adjusted individually or in a complete row, to ensure optimal panel handling. Various suction and gripper solutions are available for a wide range of process requirements. Slip sheets can optionally be taken into account.

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