Automatic Guided Vehicles – AGV

The smart Factory automation inbetween different process installations
Automatic Guided Vehicles – AGV


  • No floor markings required
  • Use of inclined angle cassettes, horizontal boxes and, by arrangement, multi- level horizontal box frames
  • Network setup for material and order tracking in and between target positions via DMC, barcode and/or RFID chips with the appropriate reading systems


These driverless transport systems navigate autonomously between the process automation systems or material storage systems and search for the most efficient route between destinations using a stored environmental map. As an independent vehicle fleet, the transport robots organize all transport tasks for a fully automatic in-house material flow. The vehicles communicate with each other via Wi-Fi and bypass each other and obstacles at an early stage. The fleet manager monitors the battery status of the vehicles and sends them to the charging station in time for fast charging. The vehicles are equipped with receiving units for the tool carriers (inclined angle cassettes or horizontal boxes) which are adapted to the docking stations of the material storage systems and loading and unloading stations.

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