Cover-sheet Remover

The economic cover-sheet remover for inline processing. No panel thickness adjustment required
Cover-sheet Remover


  • Easy and user-friendly to use
  • High productivity and reliability
  • Adjustments to plate thickness and size are not required
  • Suitable for materials from 0.05 to 6.4 mm thickness
  • Knurling pressure pneumatically adjustable
  • “Air jet” and blow pressure adjustable
  • Preset of inline operation with simple handshake with upstream and downstream processes
  • Optional: Storage for faulty materials


The Cover Sheet Remover Mod. 2624 was developed with the aim of automatically removing the dry film protective film after lamination and exposure safely and without plate damage. The machine removes the protective film from materials of different thicknesses (min. 0.05 mm to max.6.4 mm.) and different sizes (max. 610 x 762 mm.) without adjusting the operator. The removed protective film is collected in waste boxes for easy disposal. In addition, the device can optionally be equipped with a memory to cache the retired materials without stopping the system.

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