Smart Spray SA24 S2

Ideal for small and medium sized production requirements with frequent product changeovers
Smart Spray SA24 S2


  • Automatic setup of parameters
  • One- or two-sided process
  • High-precision gun transmission system
  • Heating spray circuit
  • Automatic panel width reading
  • Input conveyor with centering unit
  • Exit feeder after oven with soft pressure
  • HMI display – 10″
  • Preset for barcode reading
  • Cleaning gun section
  • Lateral Roll to Roll Paper Protection System
  • Automatic color change for two channels
  • Soldering stand alarm
  • Independent box for exhaust



Solder mask spraying technology by horizontal coating. The board recognition system allows automatic spraying single or double sided. The innovative solution of our nozzles offers advantages in precision film coating on Printed circuit boards. It is ideal for small to medium-sized PCB manufacturers with frequent product changes. Our range of spray systems meets the needs of most PCB manufacturers from stand-alone to inline requirement. . We offer the highest performance in quality, consistency and production speed for all types of soldering masks, coatings and substrates.

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