Work in Process – WIP Storage System

Smart material storage solution
Work in Process – WIP Storage System


  • Identification of workpiece carriers via DMC, barcode or RFID chips
  • Fully automatic warehouse management*
  • inlet/outlet transport*
  • Multiple indexing*
  • Fully automatic single panel loading or unloading incl. inline connection with process plants*
  • docking stations for FTS/AGV operation*
  • Interface to customer internal network*



In these fully automatic material storage systems that operate according to the chaotic storage principle, angular cassettes or horizontal boxes can alternatively be cached in any number – depending on the space conditions. The workpiece carriers can be loaded or unloaded manually or fully automatically via driverless transport systems via one or more output/input ports. Optionally, these storage systems can also be connected directly to the process systems via automatic single panel loading and unloading automation solutions. Material management is carried out fully automatically via integrated DMC, barcode or RFID chip reading systems, which are the basis for reliable identification and tracking of each individual tool carrier.

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