Final- Clean loader / unloader ML 1000

Horizontal loader and unloader for final panel
Final- Clean loader / unloader ML 1000


  • integrated pneumatic panel separation,
  • Without conversion and setup, almost all PCB formats are fed into their systems.
  • Format sizes from 80 x 80 to 635 x 533 (smaller formats on request) Optional: Buffer zone can be expanded as required Optional: Laser double control
  • Optimal suction with the lowest possible air consumption.


Outside the plant, the horizontal platform of a trolley is loaded with stacks of materials. Positioning is done via detachable stops. After the trolley has entered the system, the materials are removed individually from the stack via vacuum suction grippers and fed to the loading belt via linear axis transfer. Lifting several printed circuit boards at a time is reduced to a minimum by the integrated pneumatic separation. A buffer zone on the outfeed transport eliminates the need for a constant change of unloading trolley after the completion of an order. Buffer zone can also be expanded as required. In addition to pneumatic sepeartion at the loader, a laser control is installed, which to detect contactless when two printed circuit boards are on top of each other. Optical markings on the loading plate of the loading trolley, allows the operator to optimally arrange the printed circuit boards. In this way also suction cup assignment can be detected fast and easily. Suction cups which are not required can be deselected via a graphical interface on the touch screen.

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