Linear Axis Loader

Horizontal loader and unloader


  • Compact design
  • Loading outside on trolleys
  • Modular design – you configure your loader to suit your needs.
  • Alarm and Event Logging
  • Signal exchange to upstream and downstream process machines
  • Capacity: approx. 5 PCB/min
  • Automatic gripper adjustment for different PCB formats*
  • Doubble-panel-control via laser or ultrasoundeddy current**
  • DMC Reader and Job Tracking*
  • Interface to customer-side MES or databases*


Loading and unloading of the system is carried out via a trolley with horizontal storage area on which the printed circuit boards are positioned. The trolley is manually driven into the system. The handling is carried out via a gripper device connected to a linear axis unit.

The vacuum cleaners with single ejactors and spring bumps can be set up individually or in series to provide an optimal plate handling. Different Suction and gripper solutions are available for various process requirements.

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